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Our Mission

At Lendi, we strive to provide accessible, affordable financing solutions to empower employees, create healthier workplaces, and promote financial stability.

What is Lendi?

Lendi is a progressive financial platform providing customised loan solutions. We partner directly with employers, offering low-interest loans that are conveniently repaid through salary deductions.

The Problem?

Many employees face financial strain due to unexpected expenses or emergencies. Traditional financial solutions can be hard to access, carry high-interest rates, or have burdensome repayment terms.

Our Solution

Lendi addresses these challenges head-on. We sign an MOU with companies, offer loans to their employees, and implement a convenient repayment process through salary deductions.

How it works


Sign MOU with the company


Employee applies for a loan through Lendi.


Upon approval, funds are disbursed quickly.


Repayments are deducted directly from the employee’s salary by the employer and transferred to Lendi.

Benefits to Employers

Improvement in employee morale and productivity

Improvement in employee morale and productivity

Reduced financial stress in the workforce,and a value-added benefit to attract and retain top talent.

Reduced financial stress in the workforce,and a value-added benefit to attract and retain top talent.

Benefits to Employees

Benefits to Employees

Quick access to funds

Quick access to funds

Get cash when you need it most, swiftly and hassle-free.

Low-interest rates

Low-interest rates

Enjoy affordable rates that won’t burden your budget.

Flexible repayment terms

Flexible repayment terms

Tailor-made plans that fit your financial situation.

Reduced financial stress

Reduced financial stress

Say goodbye to worries with our stress-free loan process.

Increased financial stability

Increased financial stability

Secure your future with Lendi’s reliable support.

Other Services

Business Loans

We understand that businesses, especially SMEs, need a financial partner who provides easy and affordable financing. Our business loans are tailored to support business growth and sustainability.

Trade financing

Our trade financing solutions help businesses manage their cash flow efficiently, ensuring they can meet their trade obligations promptly. This service is ideal for companies engaged in import/ export or those that operate in a B2B environment.

Mobility financing

We believe that mobility should not be a luxury. Our mobility financing solutions offer employees a straightforward, affordable path to car ownership, enhancing their personal mobility.

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In addition to our payment platform, Cloudpay offers accessible and affordable lending and credit solutions to businesses and their employees through Lendi.

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